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So, every once in a while, JFNation, I get to try some cool stuff before it hits the shelves. And these KaDunks fit right into that category! CANDY FROM THE FUTURE! IT’S HERE!
Looking at the pictures above and below, what this candy is is pretty self-explanatory – it’s gummy candy that you dip into super sour/sweet goo! Like Kraft/Nabisco/Mondelez Handi-Snacks, but with less cheese and cracker, more gummy candy and SOUR GOO!
KaDunks is the latest invention from the candy crusaders at Yolo Candy, and it won the 2014 ECRM Buyer’s Choice award for the “Best New Novelty Product.”


KaDunks is made off a lot of sugar in a lot of different forms. I’m not gonna dwell on this – each container has 31.5 g of chewy candy and 25 g of dipping sauce. Goo. Candy sauce. Whatever you want to call it.


Oh good golly miss molly. When I actually saw the opened package, I realized – this is dipping sugar into sugar.


KaDunks gummy candies comes in a variety of shapes, including the two finger V-for-Victory saltue, some lightning bolts, question marks, etc. The sauce consistency reminded me of really runny jelly, or like candy sauce you might put on ice cream – perfectly viscous with the visible grittiness of sugar or sour crystals.
I went for the Tropical Ka-Punch first:


When I opened the Tropical Ka-Punch KaDunks, I brought the red goo up to my nose to sniff.  WHOA – STRONG fruit punch flavor. The Junk Food Gal described it as smelling a Fruit By The Foot, and I agree.  This had that over-the-top fruity smell. Ka-POW.

The blue gummies, when I bit one alone, weren’t too sweet.  To be sure, they were made of sugar, but they really reminded me of Dots – sort of that neutral gummy that doesn’t have an overwhelming sweetness.  They were soft like Swedish Fish, but didn’t have the same flavor at all.  Just a basic muted sweetness.

I dipped the blue gummy liberally into the punch goo, and ate it – BAM!!!!! SUGARY SWEETNESS. And plenty of sour – like, REALLY sour.  My face puckered a bit as I chewed this. And….I REALLY ENJOYED IT.

In a lot of ways, the way this candy felt and tasted isn’t rocket science – it’s gummy candy that is coated in sour goo. So when I was chewing it, the combo basically tasted like an amped-up Sour Patch Kid – chewy gummy with a BLAST of sour flavor. It didn’t have the sugary crystal thing going on, but the sour goo stuck around and was sticky enough to cling to the candy. This wasn’t a situation where the sourness got swallowed right away and the remaining gummy had to be chewed up and swallowed separately. No, this candy did a good job with the combo.

Flavor-wise, the goo was a really REALLY sugary sweet and sour fruit punch flavor. I mean, the level of sweet and sour reminded me of Extreme Warheads, but with more consistent last power.


Berry Ka-Blast KaDunks had a blue goo that had a strong smell of blue raspberry. It reminded me instantly of the flavor of those blue raspberry Blow-Pops – strong sugary smell with a distinct sour raspberry aroma.

Like the other flavor, the gummy was standard – Swedish fish texture, but basic Dots-like flavor. These red ones also reminded me of Red Vines – that not-really-sweet chewy confection feel. But dipped into the blue raspberry goo, the gummy definitely took on the flavor of the goo.

The sour sauce held strong throughout the chew, and was full of SOUR blue raspberry flavor.  WOW – powerful stuff. I actually liked this flavor better than the Tropical Ka-Dunks, although both honestly fulfilled my childhood dreams over and over. The Berry Ka-Blast had a more distinct berry taste, rather than the standard fruit punch flavor. I dunno – I’m really nitpicking here.

Overall, the fun factor for both was high. I didn’t think I’d like these as much as I did. If I had this as a kid, I’d be drinking that sauce and BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS.

KaDunks – talk about taking direct sugar consumption to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

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COST: Unsure…I actually don’t have a ton of info. But visit the website here…hopefully they’ll be around nationwide soon.

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